The Maratha War-I (1775 – 1782)
It took long war between Marathas and British. In the beginning Marathas defeated British at Talegaon and forced to sign “Convention of Wadgaon”. Nana Padnavis signed “Treaty of Purandhar 1776”. Marathas were defeated by British headed by Warren Hastings.  British gained the power over Marathwada region. 


  • Marathas were defeated by British
  • Nana Padnavis signed “Treaty of Purandhar 1776”
  • Marathas promised English to help them in gaining territories of Hyder Ali.

The Maratha War-II (1803 - 1805)
Marathas fought again with British headed by Lord Wellesly. British defeated combined forces of Sciendhia and Bhonsle at Assaye in September,1803 and November 1803. The two chiefs of Marathas accepted and signed “Subsidiary Alliance”.


  • Bhonsle signed “Treaty of Deogaon”
  • Sciendhia surrendered territories between Jamuna and Ganges to British.
  • Marathas handed over many places to British.

The Maratha War-III (1817 - 1818)
Maratha ruler Peshwa-Baji rajo – II became dependent with pension under British company. Peshwa tried his last attempt on British and attacked British Residency at Poona in Novermber  1817. Peshwa was defeated at Khirki in November 1817. A small kingdom of SATARA was founded out of Peshwa’s land and given to Shivaji, Pratap Singh. Thus, all Marathas chiefs were reduced to subordinate position under British.


  • Entire Maratha emphire was surrendered to British.
  • Remaining were made as dependants of pension.