Carnatic War-I (1746 – 1748)
The conflict between European trading companies reached to final stage. At the exit of Dutch, Danes & Portuguese, French and English were involved in series of battles. The Nawab of Arcot, ANWERUDDIN with the help of French army fought with British army. British army defeated Anwer and French….and brought MADRA under their control.

  • Nawab of Arcot and French were defeated by British Army in this battle.
  • It demonstrated the importance of Naval power. Made Madras under their control.

Carnatic War-II (1748 – 1754)
Subedar of Deccan i.e, Nizam of Hyderabad, Nizam-ul-mulk, ASAF JAH died due to war b/w his 2nd son, Nasir Jang & grandson, Muzaffar Jang. Nasir Jang and Anwaruddin joined English….and…..Muzaffar Jang and Chanda Sahib joined under French support. This led to the war. Muzaffar was killed by his own people. Salabat Jang became Deccan Subedar. Robert Clive defeated French army headed by Dupleix.

  • War broke between French and English.
  • Commander of English, Robert Clive defeated French army.
  • Muhammad Ali became Nawab of Carnatic.

Carnatic War-III (1756 – 1763)
It was the echo of 7 years of war broke between French and English in Europe. English army headed by Sir Eyre Coote defeated French  severely in “The Battle of Wandiwash 1760”. This war ended with the Treaty of Paris. France lost its power in India permanently.

  • The last war broke between France and English.
  • Sir Eyre Coote defeated French army headed by Dupleix.
  • English became victorious.